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A new CRM system needn’t be expensive

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Traditionally, CRM systems could be expensive, but with the advent of Power Apps, a simpler, custom CRM system becomes much more affordable.

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 apps have a raft of powerful features to suit many business scenarios and although these features are what put the product above the competition, there is often a significant implementation and monthly cost. This cost can increase further when implementing multiple solutions, such as Sales, Customer Service and Field Service simultaneously. But what if there was a better option for those businesses that could benefit from the underlying technology but have much simpler requirements? This is where a custom Power App comes in.

How does Dynamics 365 differ from a Power App?

Dynamics 365 is a Power App. It uses the same platform, the Common Data Service, but includes Microsoft’s additional layers of functionality, automation and process controls to provide the features of each solution. However, should your business not require all of these features, a simpler app can be developed that utilises the same intuitive user experience and interactivity as Dynamics 365, but only with the functionality that your users require.

Won’t having a custom app developed be expensive?

It needn’t be. If your requirements are modest – maybe you just need to manage accounts and prospects with a little automation – then you can be up and running in as little as half a day of development. Your app can contain as little or as much functionality as your business requires – you can start small and once your app has been successfully adopted by your users, add additional functionality as required.

How do the licence costs differ from a full Dynamics 365 app?

Here is where the real benefit lies. Instead of paying for a full Dynamics 365 licence for a user, your custom app will only require a Power App licence, starting from as little as £7.50 per user, per month. This means that your initial development costs will soon be recouped in licence cost savings and rolling your app out to additional users becomes less of a financial worry.

Can I upgrade to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 app if I outgrow my custom app?

Yes. As both run on the same underlying platform and share many common data elements, it is possible to upgrade to Microsoft’s own apps. Currently, there is a migration process that needs to be carried out, but Microsoft are working on making this process a seamless transition in due course.

If you would like to find out more about having a custom app developed for your business, get in touch with one of our experts and we can advise you of the various options.

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