An introduction to Microsoft Viva Sales

An introduction to Microsoft Viva Sales

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October 3rd saw the general release of Microsoft’s latest tool to help sellers, by bringing together CRM, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams.

What does Microsoft Viva Sales do?

Microsoft Viva Sales links CRM systems (currently, Dynamics 365 and Salesforce are supported) with Microsoft Teams and Outlook, providing additional functionality to view and update CRM records and carry out analysis on sales meetings.

Outlook Viva Sales enhancements

  • From within an email, easily view related CRM data regarding the people associated with the email, including their Accounts and Opportunities
  • Directly update a contact’s CRM record without leaving Outlook
  • Create new contact records in CRM directly from an email
  • Save all outgoing and incoming communication with your customers into CRM
  • View recent and upcoming activities with your contacts in Outlook
  • Add personal notes against meetings that do not sync to CRM

Viva Sales in Outlook

Teams Viva Sales enhancements

  • When a Teams Meeting is recorded, Viva Sales will automatically generate a meeting summary based on the meeting transcription. This includes an overview of how the conversation went, action items, relevant keywords, a breakdown of customer sentiments during the call, and more.
  • The summary also includes:
    • the names of people mentioned during the call
    • the names of the products mentioned during the call
    • keywords that can be used as best practice during the call
    • brands and organisation names (other than your own) that the customer mentioned during the call
    • questions asked by sellers on the call
    • questions asked by the other participants during the call
    • the time periods mentioned during the call.
  • Call transcript and translation options
  • Call playback, timeline, and segmentation
    Call playback, timeline and segmentation 
    The timeline displays the sentiments detected in the conversation: positive, neutral, or negative. You can drag the progress bar to a specific point on the timeline and the call transcript will automatically scroll to the selected point.
  • Easily share CRM records within Teams conversations
  • View and update CRM records without leaving Teams

How much does Viva Sales cost?

Viva Sales costs £30.20 per user per month, but for existing Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise & Dynamics 365 Sales Premium users, Viva Sales is free.

How can I install Viva Sales?

Microsoft 365 Administrators can install Viva Sales for their users via Appsource. Once deployed in an organisation’s tenant, users will be able to configure Outlook and Teams to link to their CRM of choice and begin to take advantage of Viva Sales functionality.


Although Viva Sales is still in its infancy, it already includes a range of features that should aid Microsoft 365 users in the selling process. And as the product comes at no extra cost to existing Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise & Dynamics 365 Sales Premium users, there is no risk associated with its deployment. For existing Strategy 365 clients who want to explore Viva Sales in their own organisation and need assistance, please get in touch.

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