Automatic Record Creation process failures

Service Status

A bug has been discovered that affects Dynamics 365 Customer Service’s Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules, leading to the Regarding field on the related email not being set.

As an example, Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules can used to create Cases by monitoring Queues for new activity, such as monitoring a technical support mailbox for new emails and creating new Cases in Dynamics 365 automatically. The rule can then also notify the sender that their Case has been created.

What are the effects of this bug?

Although the record itself is created, there is a hidden step that updates the email to set the Regarding field to link to the newly-created record and this fails in certain circumstances. Any subsequent steps in the rule will then also fail.

What is the cause of the bug?

Microsoft have discovered that a bug within the Email Engagement feature of Sales Insights within Dynamics 365 Sales has a knock-on effect with the Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules, leading to these errors.

Is there a fix or workaround?

Following investigation with Microsoft, a suggested workaround is to temporarily disable the Email Engagement feature in Sales Insights within Dynamics 365 Sales:

  1. Access the Sales Hub within Dynamics 365 Sales.
  2. Change the area of the menu to “Sales Insights Settings”
  3. Select ‘Manage’ to the right of “Email Engagement (Standard)”
  4. Toggle this feature to “Off”.

Microsoft expect this bug to be fixed as part of a Hot Fix release within the next 3-4 weeks. If you have an active support agreement with Strategy 365 and would like to discuss this issue, please contact us at