Deploy unique app functionality to your users without breaking the bank

Affordable custom apps 

Traditionally, having a bespoke business app developed was a costly experience, involving many hours of expensive development time. However, with the Power Platform, deploying either simple, robust apps or more complex, custom-branded apps that leverage mobile device functionality are now an affordable option to more businesses.

The Power Platform

Although the Power Platform allows for the deployment of Microsoft's own comprehensive business apps such as Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service, simpler custom apps can also be created - removing not only unnecessary functionality but also reducing the overall cost significantly.

Solution Components

Below is a list of suggested components for this solution and can be tailored to suit your exact requirements:


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Solution Features

Tailored, branded apps

With a Power Apps Canvas app, you can deploy pixel-perfect, branded apps, ensuring a streamlined experience for your users and increased brand awareness for those who interact with them.

Rapid deployment for simpler apps

With a Power Apps model-driven app, you get the same robust functionality and familiar user experience of the first-party Microsoft Dynamics 365 business apps, but at a much lower cost to implement.

Leverage mobile device functionality

Canvas apps allow a user to draw upon the power of their mobile device by capturing photos, videos, signatures and more. Complete forms with intuitive sliders, date pickers and buttons instead of traditional cumbersome methods.

Offline data access

In an area with no internet connection available? No problem. With offline access, your users in the field can still carry out their job and sync their data when convenient.

Deploy customer-facing portals

Surface your internal data to your customers and other external users with branded portals - whether it be for self-serve customer service, project collaboration or bespoke functionality.

How we deliver our solutions

Project Implementation

Our team of Microsoft-certified experts will ensure your solution is delivered smoothly, efficiently and without compromising on functionality.

Software Licensing

Having the correct software licences not only ensures your business is compliant but means you are not paying more than you should.

Support Services

Our support services packages allow you to utilise our expertise in the way that best suits your business needs.