Combining Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform to boost call centre productivity

Company Introduction

When EMaC were looking to expand their current Dynamics 365 implementation to a wider part of the business, Strategy 365 were asked to provide a robust, but simple to use Power Apps solution.

EMaC is the UK’s leading automotive Aftersales Partner,  trusted by major manufacturers to make a difference to their consumer aftersales offering for over 17 years. Today they work with over 500 dealer groups and receive 15 OEM endorsements, driving an aggregated £250M of aftersales revenue into the UK network, annually, through their range of solutions.

Solution Components

Solution Size

55 Users


Company Name

EMaC Limited


Company Size

130 staff

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Project Summary

EMaC were initially looking at augmenting their sales solution using Dynamics 365 Sales; however, further analysis showed that the requirements did not conform to a traditional sales cycle, so EMaC would not benefit from the full capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales. This meant that a model-driven Power App would be more suited to the task and provide a significant reduction in licensing requirements.

The business works in a fast-paced call centre environment, and as such, the key requirement for this project was for the platform to be incredibly simple to allow users to work at the required high speed. This direction ensured that users have a wealth of information available to them, however their interactions with the system are limited to only a few fields. This tailored approach allows users to be focused in where their expertise lie, and the system processes a lot of data behind the scenes for them.

As EMaC processes a lot of personal information, a core part of this system focuses on data protection. Automation has been put in place to clear out personally identifiable information but keep enough information to allow reporting on the data to continue, after these GDPR cleanse sweeps have taken place. By handling and processing data in this way, we ensure that EMaC adhere to their internal data policies which conform to industry leading standards.

Following implementation of this project, Strategy 365 also commenced offering both Microsoft software licensing and Dynamics 365 & Power Platform support services to EMaC. EMaC have made use of these services for both the new project, as well as their existing Dynamics 365 implementation.

Key Deliverables

  • Set up of customer contracts and reporting contacts
  • Automatic assignment of sales enquiries to a team in an unbiased manner
  • Configurable number of attempts to contact sales enquiries by a range of channels
  • Simple to use system for users
  • Complex automation of enquiries based on selected outcomes
  • Inbound Overflow daily reporting, via CSV, to key stakeholders
  • Automatic anonymisation of data following internal GDPR policies


By keeping the interface simple for users, and automating the more complex processes, EMaC have a scalable solution that allows both users and management to report on key metrics without reducing quality of service.

Automatic reporting tools built in Power Automate mean that users now spend less time creating reports and can focus on more financially beneficial tasks.

By utilising Power Apps over Dynamics 365 Sales, there has been a saving of over £15,000 annually, meaning the ROI on this project has been realised within year one.

Working with Strategy 365’s support team has allowed the EMaC app support team to pass more Dynamics 365 support across to our team and has therefore freed up their time to focus on their areas of expertise. Additional pieces of work have been carried out under this support agreement, as well as exploring areas of improvement within the existing Dynamics 365 platform.

Strategy 365 have supported an ideal tailored solution to complement our expanding suite of products and services. Building upon on existing capabilities, Strategy 365 supported the design, build and implementation of an efficient lead generation solution. It has enabled users to manage and prioritise their consumer contact more effectively than ever before, resulting in increased consumer retention and satisfaction. The ongoing support we have received as we continue to develop the platform has been excellent.

Helen Hitchmough, Strategic Change & Programme Manager, EMaC Limited

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