Office 365 Security

Simple security enhancements for Office 365

By Product Updates

These days, every size of organisation is a potential target for a cyber attack. From a simple phishing attempt, where an attempt is made to obtain a user’s login details or other sensitive information, to a more destructive attack such as mass file deletion. No matter how much user training you complete, there are always going to be occasions where user error potentially lets one attack slip through the net. There are, however, some built-in features within Office 365 which can help to assist your users and apply an extra level of simple protection. Read More

Data Storage

Storage cost changes in April 2019

By Product Updates

Before April, the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement storage model was very simple – everything was classed as ‘Database Storage’ and as you ran low, you purchased more. However, with Dynamics 365 being used in increasingly diverse ways, this could have proved costly. To combat this problem, Microsoft have announced pricing structure changes, which were introduced on April 1st, 2019. Read More

Dynamics 365 Updates

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Policy Updates

By Product Updates

As we first announced back in July of last year, Microsoft have been making changes to the update process for Dynamics 365. To deliver a more consistent, predictable, and seamless experience for every customer, Microsoft are streamlining the Dynamics 365 update release process. We first announced these changes back in July of last year, but Microsoft have now issued further detail as to how the new process will work. Read More