Although Dynamics 365 can easily handle most business processes straight from the off, there may be times when you need something bespoke for your organisation – whether it’s integration with third-party systems or your website, or custom functionality within Dynamics 365 itself, we can help.

Experts in custom Dynamics 365 development

Even the smallest businesses can have complex business processes that are unique to them. Others may still be using legacy software to manage core aspects of their operation. Although Dynamics 365 can comfortably bridge most gaps, there are times when  you might need a little extra assistance getting Dynamics 365 to work exactly in the way your business needs; this is where custom development comes in.

With years of development projects behind us, we have the skills and experience to ensure that any custom work you need to complete your tasks can be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Dynamics 365 Development for Partners

If you are an existing Dynamics 365 partner, but have no in-house development resources, you can utilise our skills, without the need to recruit your own developers.

See below of examples in ways that our team’s development skills can help you to get the most from Dynamics 365.

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Examples of custom Dynamics 365 development

Plugin Development

Uses the power of the Dynamics 365 SDK to modify and augment Dynamics 365 functionality.

Custom Workflows

Bringing additional, powerful functionality to the existing Dynamics 365 workflow engine.


Using the lightweight browser language to improve the Dynamics 365 user experience.

System Integration

Including seamless integration between Dynamics 365 and finance system or capturing website leads.