Custom pages in Model-Driven Apps

Custom pages in Model-Driven Apps

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Now in public preview, Custom Pages bring the ease of authoring and flexibility of Canvas Apps to Dynamics 365 Model-Driven Apps.

Initially demonstrated at Microsoft’s Business Application Summit in May, the new Custom Pages functionality comes part of the new modern App Designer experience for creating and editing model-driven apps. Traditionally, model-driven app design has been very structured, with set layouts for dashboards, views and forms. However, with the ability of introducing canvas-like pages, bespoke layouts and interfaces can be created without the need for costly development. A custom page can be used in places where all pages are supported including main area, dialogs, and the new app side pane.

Custom Page

What are the benefits of Custom Pages?

  • As a Custom Page harnesses the power of the Canvas App editor, 400+ data connectors now become easily accessible from with a model-driven app. While the functionality is in preview, the most used connectors have been enabled, such as SharePoint, SQL, Office 365, Outlook, Excel, Power Automate, and custom connectors.
  • Pixel-perfect landing pages can be created, with data pulled from across the organisation.
  • Specific business actions can be constructed that boost user productivity.

How do I create a Custom Page in my model-driven app?

As the functionality is currently in preview, you will need to visit the Preview version of the Power Apps Maker Portal. When editing an app in the Modern App Designer, clicking the Add Page option presents three choices instead of the traditional two:

Add Page


Although this new functionality is only in preview for the moment, it’s clear that it represents huge potential for model-driven apps and will eventually lead to a converged experience, with one app editor with a vast range of possibilities. If you are an existing Strategy 365 client and want to discuss Custom Pages with one of our team, feel free to get in touch.

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