Digitalisation of NatWest

Digitalisation brings massive benefits to NatWest’s customers

John PhillipsIndustry Updates

NatWest, one of the largest banks in the UK, have digitalised their customer service management by switching to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

NatWest’s banking team supports over one million business customers and their commitment to meet customer demands is a key part of their offering. In order to meet these demands, NatWest needed a seamless view of customer interactions, and their existing systems could not provide that, which consequently caused support issues.

As a result, NatWest chose to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for improved customer service management. Microsoft have been a partner with NatWest for many years which made the integration of a CRM system much easier.

How did a switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 transform NatWest’s customer service management?

Staff have welcomed this change as they now have greater insight into a customer’s journey. Interaction such as a customer’s activity on the website could previously not be recorded but are now tracked. Also, the implementation of Dynamics 365 has led to more engagement from managers. Previously, a manager would typically use CRM once a week and now more than 90% use the system every day.

With improved engagement from management, NatWest’s business team can respond to demands faster as they are able to identify customer needs more efficiently. Melanie Moreland, Programme Director at NatWest, states “We were able to move our customer service net promoter score (NPS) by over 25 points.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers NatWest many exciting opportunities to develop the system further to better meet customer needs. One aspect NatWest is working on is providing additional information to customers about their carbon footprint as they aim to support the transition to net-zero. If you want to find out more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your business, please get in touch with one of our experts today.

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