Better understand your customers with Microsoft's easy-to-use solution

Ensure customer happiness & generate new opportunities

Customer satisfaction has always been important - not just in handling complaints caused by a poor experience, but ensuring that future client needs are also met competently. Thankfully, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is here to streamline and automate the gathering of customer feedback.

By acting upon the resulting data, you can be sure that your business is always heading in the right direction, with actionable metrics and clear dashboards.

Send feedback surveys at the right time

As well as being able to send requests for feedback manually, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice also integrates with Power Automate to allow you to automatically send surveys based on defined trigger points - perhaps on the closure of a support case or on a timed schedule. By collecting feedback at the right time, you can ensure that the data you collect is of the most use.

Build your surveys - easily

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice comes with a range of pre-defined templates to get you started, but also makes building your own custom surveys simple. Use the intuitive builder to create branded surveys with conditional branching logic, knowing that the end result will look great on a desktop or mobile device.

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A video introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice Features

Easy-to-build surveys

Choose from a range of best-practice survey templates or start from scratch with an intuitive survey builder.

Custom Branding

Style surveys with your own corporate colours and imagery to ensure a consistent customer experience.


Send your surveys in a range of ways, including personalised emails, website embedding, QR codes and automation based on custom trigger points.


As Customer Voice data is stored in the same location as other Dynamics data, everything is in one place for easy access, reporting and further data integration.

Satisfaction Metrics

Support for standardised metrics such as Net Promoter Score and CSAT, or custom metrics based on sentiment and survey scoring.

Automated Dashboards

At-a-glance KPIs and charts ensure that key data is always at hand and trends are easy to spot.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice UK Pricing

For customers already using selected Dynamics 365 Applications


2,000 responses, per tenant, per month

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is included with the following Dynamics 365 products: Sales Enterprise, Customer Service Enterprise, Customer Insights, Field Service, Marketing, and Human Resources.

For customers not using selected Dynamics 365 Applications


2,000 responses, per tenant, per month

If you have other Dynamics 365 products or don't have a Dynamics 365 subscription, you may purchase Dynamics 365 Customer Voice separately.

Additional responses can be purchased at a cost of £82.20 per 1,000 responses