Dynamics 365 Sales Premium features now available for Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise users

Dynamics 365 Sales Premium features now available for Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise users

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Premium Sales Insights features, which were not previously accessible when purchasing Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise, have now been made available to customers who own a Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise licence.

What are the differences between Dynamics 365 Sales Premium and Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise?

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise provides users with the full sales functionality for £71.60 per user per month while Dynamics 365 Sales Premium has the full sales functionality plus prebuilt customisable intelligence solutions for £101.80 per user per month. The main reason for the price difference between the two licences are the additional intelligence solutions which include predictive forecasting, relationship analytics, call transcription and more. Usually, customers with Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise are smaller organisations that do not require the extra customisable intelligence solutions included with Sales Premium. However, Microsoft have now made certain features available for users on an Enterprise licence without any additional cost.

What features are now available for Dynamics 365 Enterprise users?

Firstly, not all sales insights features from a Premium licence will be available for customers with a Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise licence. Users will have limited access to a select set of features which include:

  • Sales Accelerator: This feature guides sellers, with predictive analytics and process automation to help them close more deals. A total of 1500 records can be connected to any sequence per environment, per month.
  • Predictive Forecasting and Scoring: This feature provides users with a model to generate scores for leads that are in the pipeline. The model will assign a score between 0 to 100 for each lead based on related entities and signals from the lead. For an organisation with many leads in their pipeline this will help to identify which leads should be prioritised based on their chance of conversion into an opportunity. Users on enterprise licences will get up to 1500 leads that will be scored per environment, per month.
  • Conversation Intelligence: Direct conversations with clients take place in most organisations and are an integral part of the sales process. Conversation Intelligence captures customer interactions, automatically transcribes calls, analyses content, and delivers intelligent insights. Users on an Enterprise licence will now get three hours per user per month for this feature.

How to set up Dynamics 365 Sales Insights features

You can access the setup page for these features by navigating to the app settings area in the Sales Hub. Under the ‘Digital Sales’ section, you can click on ‘Get Started’ which will allow for the quick setup of conversation intelligence and lead and opportunity scoring (predictive forecasting and scoring). Each of these items have a play button on the right side which leads to a short video explaining the functionality. The Sales Accelerator ‘edit settings’ button at the top of the page will open a pane that reveals the option ‘Go to advanced sales accelerator settings’ where users can access the full settings of the sales accelerator.

Sales Insights FeaturesSummary

Microsoft introducing digital selling capabilities for Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise licences is an exciting development and gives an opportunity for users to test these features without incurring any additional costs. For a further in-depth look at these premium features, you can view this video here and if you are an existing Strategy 365 client and want to discuss any of these digital selling capabilities with one of our team, please feel free to get in touch.

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