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Dynamics 365 Unified Interface Improvements Announced

John PhillipsProduct Updates

Following on from our post last month about upcoming improvements to Dynamics 365’s Unified Interface, Microsoft have announced the first set of enhancements.

The revised Interface will become the default experience for newly-created Trials of Dynamics 365. Existing organisations will be able to opt in to the new version from December, by enabling an option in Settings>Administration>System Settings>General, from within Dynamics 365.

What issues does this update address?

  1. The sitemap is difficult to navigate and it is hard to know where you are within CRM
  2. The lack of memorable icons in the left sidebar make it hard to know which one is the right one without first expanding the bar to read the icon descriptions
  3. There is a lack of clarity on the Command Bar, making it hard to know where one button ends and the next begins.

What changes have been made?

  1. Expanded and persistent Sitemap. By default, the sitemap will always be visible, but with an option to hide it if required.
  2. Sub area in focus to be highlighted. This change will help to indicate where in the app the user is currently.
    Menu Highlighting
  3. Recent and pinned items moved to the top level for easy access. These pinned items will now always be visible in the sidebar, although only one can be expanded at any one time, to conserve screen space.
  4. New Area switcher. Positioned at the foot of the sidebar, the Area Switcher allows easy access to other areas of Dynamics, without the clutter.
  5. Command bar background and icon colour changes. These changes will make the command bar buttons more distinctive and easier to use.

It’s good to see Microsoft responding to user feedback in a prompt fashion and we look forward to see how the changes improve take-up of the Unified Interface.