New One-Day Support Offering

Entry-Level support option for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform now available

John PhillipsCompany Updates

Before today, the minimum Dynamics 365 and Power Platform support option had been a two-day package; this minimum has now been reduced to just one day.

The change has been made to acknowledge the needs of smaller businesses with five or fewer users. Instead of committing to two days of support, a total of £1900, the option is now available to just sign up for a single day at £1000. As with all Dynamics 365 and Power Platform support agreements, top-up options are always available should the one-day prove insufficient. The only condition to the one-day option is that it is only available to organisations with five or fewer users (both full users and Team Members licences are counted).

Gavin Nixon, Strategy 365 Managing Director, commented “We are pleased to introduce this new one-day offering. It is important to listen to the needs of new and existing clients and our aim is to always be flexible by ensuring they receive the right level of support for their business and at the right price”.

For more details on the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 support pricing, click here.

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