Get your systems talking to each other and remove the need for unnecessary manual effort

Enabling seamless data transfer

It's rare than an organisation will work from just one system; there might be a finance system, a CRM solution or even old legacy databases that need to be maintained for an organisation to function optimally. Why manually update the data in one system when a record changes in another? There are a variety of options available to perform these often mundane tasks automatically.

Powerful data migration

Moving away from old, unsupported data sources to bring your business into the modern era does not have to be a painful experience. Your data can be cleansed and transformed before it is allowed into your new system, ensuring that your bad record-keeping habits and duplicates are removed and your new system is starting from the cleanest possible state.

Solution Components

Below is a list of suggested components for this solution and can be tailored to suit your exact requirements:


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Solution Features

Seamless data integration

When a record changes in one system, have it automatically update other systems, ensuring consistency of data and service delivery. No more "Sorry. Our system hasn't updated yet"; changes can be near instantaneous. 

Robust data migration

Extract data from your legacy systems, cleanse it according to your own strict criteria and automatically import it into your new system.

Data replication

Whether it's for simple backup operations or archiving subsets of data away for data warehouse reporting, there are a variety of automated data replication options available.

Hundreds of pre-built connection options

Using the Power Automate platform, integrate many modern systems, removing the need for custom development work.

Robotic Process Automation

Need to integrate with a system that has no modern API? No problem. Record step-by-step actions and have Power Automate play the steps back on demand as an intelligent workflow.

How we deliver our solutions

Project Implementation

Our team of Microsoft-certified experts will ensure your solution is delivered smoothly, efficiently and without compromising on functionality.

Software Licensing

Having the correct software licences not only ensures your business is compliant but means you are not paying more than you should.

Support Services

Our support services packages allow you to utilise our expertise in the way that best suits your business needs.