Microsoft Dataflex

Introducing Dataflex and Dataflex Pro

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Yesterday, Microsoft announced Dataflex, a new low-code data platform for Microsoft Teams and Dataflex Pro, the new name for the Common Data Service.

Microsoft Dataflex

Further illustrating Microsoft’s increasing emphasis on the Microsoft Teams product, Dataflex is designed to enable everyone to build and deploy apps and intelligent chatbots within Teams using the power of Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Dataflex?

  1. Built on top of the powerful Common Data Service (which becomes Dataflex Pro – see later in this post).
  2. Build apps and chatbots without leaving the Microsoft Teams application via the integrated Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents portals.
  3. Licences to use Dataflex are included with most Microsoft 365 subscriptions, meaning no additional costs.
  4. Simpler development tools allow more people to get used to the platform and quickly deploy apps and chatbots. Should the user requirements outgrow Dataflex, then upgrading to Dataflex Pro is a straightforward option.

What is Microsoft Dataflex Pro?

Dataflex Pro is the new name for the Common Data Service and is the data platform that allows for powerful apps, workflows and portals to function and integrate with each other. Anyone who is currently using Dynamics 365 or Power Apps (which both run on the Common Data Service) is already using Dataflex Pro and nothing changes – it’s more of a rebranding exercise to bring some commonality between product names.


We look forward to using the new Dataflex product and seeing how it compares to Dataflex Pro in terms of development and deployment times. We will cover further Dataflex features as they are announced. In the meantime, if you are an existing Strategy 365 client and wish to discuss any of the topics in this blog post, please get in touch.

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UPDATE (14/08/2020): Due to an existing trademarked product called Dataflex, Microsoft have been forced to drop the use of the name. Dataflex is now temporarily called Project Oakdale and Dataflex Pro is back to being called the Common Data Service. Once Microsoft have decided on new names for the product, we will issue a further update.