AAD User Virtual Tables

Microsoft announce new AAD User Virtual Table functionality

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Microsoft have introduced an AAD User Virtual Table for Dataverse which allows you to include any users in your organisation’s Azure Active Directory (AAD).

Previously, the user table in Dataverse would only display users who have a Dataverse license assigned to them. With this new functionality, you will be able to see anyone from the AAD User address book.

How to find the AAD User Virtual Table?

The AAD User virtual table can be found in the Power Platform Maker Portal, under Tables and selecting “All”.

AAD User Tables

Using this table

The AAD User table can be used in Lookup fields from another table. By selecting data type as a Lookup on your new field, you can then use this field in your apps to select from a list of all Azure Active Directory Users.

AAD User Lookup

Furthermore, information such as business phone, given name, mail, job title and more for each user can be retrieved using the AAD User Virtual Table

AAD User Virtual Table

To find out more information about AAD User Virtual Table, you can watch this brief video below:


This is another useful feature introduced by Microsoft which helps improve the user experience within the Dataverse. If you want to discuss this functionality in more detail, please feel free to get in touch

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