Microsoft announce new Customer Service Admin Center

Microsoft announce new Customer Service Admin Center

John PhillipsProduct Updates

In a bid to simplify administration for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Microsoft have introduced a new Customer Service Admin Center app.

Why the need for a new app?

The aim of the new admin app is to consolidate the admin functions of three existing experiences:

  • Service management area in the Customer Service Hub
  • Omnichannel admin center
  • App Profile Manager

while also adding improvements to the overall administration experience.

What are the improvements?

In addition to the consolidated functionality, there are a number of other enhancements:

  • Get step-by-step guidance when creating a new channel.
  • A new search feature to make it easier to find administrator settings.
  • A reorganised, task-oriented site map that adapts to the capabilities you have provisioned. Based on core Customer Service, if you have also provisioned Omnichannel for Customer Service, then the additional features become automatically available.
  • New overview pages for each area list at-a-glance information, with links to manage specific features.
  • New landing pages for each feature provide an overview of all the capabilities.

How do I access the new app?

You should find that the new app has automatically been rolled out to your organisation. From the app selection screen, you should now see an additional app:

Customer Service Admin Center

What if I’m currently using one of the three existing experiences?

If you still use the Service management area in the Customer Service Hub, the Omnichannel admin center or the App profile manager, you should make plans to move way from them in favour of the new Admin Center App. The existing experiences have now been deprecated and will be removed in due course (the App Profile Manager has already had a removal date set of April 2023). All of the current functions exist in the new app, so administrators can begin using the admin app immediately.


It is good to see Microsoft simplifying task for Customer Service administrators; the new app provides a one-stop location for common admin functions and should be a significant time-saver. For existing clients of Strategy 365 who need assistance in using or migrating to the new admin app, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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