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Microsoft announce new Dynamics 365 Help and Support Centre

John PhillipsProduct Updates

Further outlining their commitment to the Dynamics 365 platform, Microsoft have begun rolling out a new Help and Support Centre, making it easier to report issues and receive faster issue resolution. 

Who is entitled to use the Support Centre?

If you have one of the following support plans, you will be able to access the Support Centre –

  • Subscription Support
  • Enhanced Support
  • Professional Direct Support

Who can create new Support Requests?

If you have one of the following Office 365 admin roles, you will be able to create new Support Requests –

  • Global
  • Tenant
  • Service
  • Support
  • Billing

How do I access the Support Centre?

Simply visit From this address, you’ll be able to create and view Support Requests and also have easy access to your CRM instances.