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Copilot & Microsoft 365 - the perfect partnership

Copilot for Microsoft 365 elevates the familiar Office apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, using the power of AI, to boost productivity, improve efficiency, reduce mistakes and improve communication.

Streamline the selling process

Empower your support agents with an AI-powered copilot providing instant access to relevant and helpful support content. Copilots utilise generative AI to deliver content from a variety of sources, including your company website, uploaded files, and knowledge base sources.

Wide-ranging AI functionality

Copilot integrates effortlessly with:

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Teams
  • Loop
  • Edge for Business
and other Microsoft 365 apps.

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What can Microsoft Copilot for Service do?

Features of Microsoft Copilot for Service

Easy Knowledge Access

Use your existing data from sources such as your website and SharePoint to quickly provide your agents with the information they need.


Extend Copilot functionality with no-code bespoke actions and workflows to fit your business processes.

Accessible in Teams & Outlook

As Copilot for Microsoft 365 is included, Copilots can be made available to agents in Outlook and Teams.

AI-powered Emails & Meetings

Generate email replies automatically and have online meetings automatically populated with relevant context.

Easily embedded

Deploy your Copilots into popular service solutions, including Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Zendesk and Salesforce.

Case Summaries

Quickly understand case context and resolve issues more efficiently. Summaries include key information including title, customer, subject, product, priority, case type, and description.

For more information on Microsoft Copilot for Service features, click here.

Microsoft Copilot for Service Pricing

Copilot for Service is sold as an add-on licence for users of Microsoft 365 E3/E5/F1/F3, Office 365 E1/E3/E5, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Business Premium and Business Basic.

Copilot for Service


per user, per month

Billed Annually

Includes Copilot for Microsoft 365

Step-Up Licence (Microsoft 365)


per user, per month

Billed Annually

For users with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 licence

Step-Up Licence (Customer Service Premium)


per user, per month

Billed Annually

For users with a Dynamics 365 Customer Service Premium Licence