Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Microsoft Forms Pro becomes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

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At Inspire 2020, Microsoft announced that Forms Pro is now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. We take a look at the key changes within the product.

Although Microsoft sometimes renames a product to add clarity or simply to align it with their other related products, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is more than a name change and is intended to mark a distinction between Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Forms Pro. Essentially, Forms Pro was an extension of Microsoft Forms, but Dynamics 365 Customer Voice now has its own user interface and comes with a range of new enhancements.

What are the new features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

  • Data is organised into projects that contain surveys, with predetermined metrics tied to each question.
  • Built-in AI features such as sentiment analysis.
  • Integration with Dynamics 365 apps and third-party CRM-related systems using Power Automate.
  • Integration with Power Apps and Power BI.
  • Set alerts and monitor responses to then follow up with survey participants.
  • Dashboards to track survey and customer metrics and to create new alerts.

Will there be an additional cost to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

  • For Dynamics 365 customers, 2,000 survey responses can be made per tenant/month at no extra cost. Additional responses may be purchased separately.
  • For Office 365 customers, the cost is £75.40 per month for 2,000 survey responses per tenant/month. Additional responses may be purchased separately.

What will happen to surveys created in the old Forms Pro?

Microsoft have not yet clarified what will happen to these old surveys, but we would anticipate that they would be automatically transitioned to the new model.


We look forward to getting to grips with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and seeing how it can help our clients with their customer service function. Should any existing clients which to discuss the above changes, please get in touch.

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