The Microsoft Power Platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools to enable the building of custom apps, automated workflows and detailed data analytics, delivering business productivity improvements and efficiency.

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

The Power Platform is an umbrella term that covers the range of Microsoft products designed to boost productivity and provide comprehensive analytics. It incorporates Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and even Dynamics 365.

How can the Power Platform help my business?

With a suite of powerful, yet straightforward tools, your users will be able to –

  • build bespoke business apps and deploy them to your company mobile devices
  • automate business processes and integrate data across services
  • compose powerful, visually-rich reports and dashboards
The Microsoft Power Platform

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The Microsoft Power Platform Components

Power Apps

Create powerful apps to boost productivity within Office 365 and Dynamics 365 with a low-code visual builder.

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Power Automate

Create automated workflows between your apps and services to get notifications, synchronise files, collect data, and much more.

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Power BI

Visualise data through interactive, real-time dashboards and analytics that give you powerful insights into your business data.

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The Common Data Service

The Common Data Service (CDS) lets you securely store and manage the information used by your business applications. Data within the CDS is stored within a set of entities. The CDS includes a base set of standard entities that cover typical scenarios, such as Accounts and Contacts, but you can also create custom entities specific to your organisation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 both utilise the CDS.

Microsoft Power Platform Diagram