Use the Power Platform to boost business productivity

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

The Power Platform is an umbrella term that covers the range of Microsoft products designed to boost productivity and provide comprehensive analytics. It incorporates Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents and even Dynamics 365.

How can the Power Platform help my business?

With a suite of powerful, yet straightforward tools, your users will be able to -

  • build bespoke business apps and deploy them to your company mobile devices
  • automate business processes and integrate data across services
  • compose powerful, visually-rich reports and dashboards

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The Microsoft Power Platform Components

Power Apps

Power Apps

Create powerful apps to boost productivity within Office 365 and Dynamics 365 with a low-code visual builder.

Power Automate

Power Automate

Create automated workflows between your apps and services to get notifications, synchronise files, collect data, and much more.

Power BI

Power BI

Visualise data through interactive, real-time dashboards and analytics that give you powerful insights into your business data.

Microsoft Power Pages

Power Pages

A secure, low-code platform for building and hosting external-facing business websites.
Power Virtual Agents

Copilot Studio

Create and deploy intelligent Copilots - without the need for coding skills - with an easy-to-use graphical interface and using natural language.
AI Builder

AI Builder

With prebuilt and easy-to-create custom AI models artificial intelligence is now available to everyone

Benefits of the Microsoft Power Platform

Powerful Automation

Build intelligent process flows to remove repetition, reduce the opportunity for errors, and guide your users.

Comprehensive Customisation

Change virtually everything – including forms, views, fields, menus and reports – to suit your business and its users.

Modular Construction

Want to start out with Sales and add Customer Service on later? And then include Project Service Automation? No problem.

Intelligent Reporting

In-app dashboards, reports and charts, and strong links with PowerBI, ensure that your reporting needs will be met.

Artificial Intelligence

Take advantage of machine learning and Cortana intelligence to enable predictive product and customer analytics.

Increased Productivity

Carry out all tasks in the one interface of choice, whether its via the web or through the familiarity of Outlook.

Scalability As Standard

Should your business grow from hundreds to thousands of users, you can be sure Microsoft’s Cloud can take the strain.

Customer Self-Service

Build powerful portals to help your customers to help themselves, reducing your service delivery costs.