With Microsoft Flow, you can automate your repetitive business processes and ensure data integrity – all while keeping your systems and services in sync.

Automate your business processes and tasks

Every business has an element of process repetition and any opportunity to reduce the time spent on this repetition can only be beneficial for your employees and balance sheet. With Microsoft Flow, you can not only automate many of your day-to-day tasks but also ensure that processes are followed correctly to ensure data integrity.

Introduction to Microsoft Flow


Other components of the Power Platform

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Benefits of Microsoft Flow


With over 250 connectors to popular services such as SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and Outlook, you can be sure that all of your integration needs are covered.


A vast array of pre-built templates for common tasks saves you time in building your own Flows but also provides inspiration for further ways of improving your business processes.


Flow comes complete with an Approvals system, enabling both internal and external users to quickly and easily approve records from anywhere.

Access On-Premise Data

If your business has yet to fully move to the cloud, you can still utilise the power of Flow to integrate your on-premise data with online services.


Ensure that processes are only followed when certain conditions are met with Flow’s powerful condition logic.

Data Security

With Flow, you can help to prevent sensitive data leaving your business with built-in or customised data loss prevention policies