Enhance your business applications with the power of no-code artificial intelligence

Simplifying AI for business

More and more, AI is driving business decisions and streamlining data processing. Traditionally, AI has been a complex tool, but with Microsoft AI Builder's prebuilt and easy-to-create custom AI models artificial intelligence is now available to everyone, with simple model training procedures and an intuitive editor.

Other components of the Power Platform

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Benefits of Microsoft AI Builder

Simple to build

A no-code interface makes it easy for anyone to learn to create and train their own AI models


Analyse patterns in historical data and apply these patterns to predict future business outcomes

Object Detection

Easily identify and track your products in photos, aiding in inventory management and identification

Text Classification

Categorise pieces of text to ensure that pertinent information is routed to the optimal recipients

Form Processing

Process standard documents, such as invoices and purchase orders, automatically extracting and storing the data

Business Card Reader

Quickly scan and process business cards to store contact details against your contacts

Microsoft AI Builder Pricing

AI Builder


Per Unit, Per Month

Each AI Builder add-on unit is a pack of 1 million service credits pooled at the tenant level.

Use the Microsoft calculator to determine if additional credits will be required.