Customise existing or build entirely new Copilot experiences

Microsoft Copilot & Copilot Studio

Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered tool integrated into Microsoft 365 applications, such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and Teams. It uses generative artificial intelligence and large language models to help users become more productive.

Copilot Studio allows users to take Microsoft's existing Copilot models and enhance them or build completely new ones. These Copilots can then be deployed across multiple channels, including your website, Teams, Facebook and within your own mobile apps.

The power of natural language

By simply describing what you want your Copilot to achieve, Copilot Studio turns your words into actions, saving you time and technical knowledge.

Other components of the Power Platform

Benefits of Microsoft Copilot Studio

Simple to build

A no-code interface makes it easy for anyone to learn to build and deploy their own Copilots.

Branching Logic

Vary Copilot responses based on user input, ensuring a natural conversation flow and preventing user frustration.

Save Money

Having a Copilot handling common queries frees up your service team to be more productive with more important issues.

Increased Satisfaction

A Copilot can provide instant responses to common queries and if further assistance is required, automatically escalate to a customer service agent.

Topic Suggestions

Already have an online FAQ? Copilot Studio can scan through the page and create Topic suggestions automatically.


Multiple integration options to deploy your chatbots to your website, Facebook, Microsoft Teams or even within your own app.

Microsoft Copilot Studio Pricing

Microsoft Copilot Studio


Per Month - 25,000 messagesBuild and run your own Copilots across websites and other channels to serve your customers and internal users.
  1. Licences are capacity based and additional messages can be purchased.
  2. A billable message is a request or message sent to a Copilot/bot triggering an action and/or response.