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Microsoft Dataverse, formerly called the Common Data Service, is the underlying data backbone for the Power Platform. Using a shared language, the Common Data Model, it enables a vast range of apps and data sources to integrate and communicate, providing a single source of truth.

Cloud-based data storage

The security of Microsoft's trusted platform gives businesses peace of mind with its robust security management infrastructure with critical security and compliance capabilities. Advanced encryption, detailed access control options, and integration with Azure Active Directory remove the administration headaches associated with maintaining on-premise data servers.

Accelerated deployments

The Common Data Model includes a number of out-of-the box tables, common to many businesses, including Accounts, Contacts and Activities that can be used to speed up project implementation by simply expanding upon the existing data and relationship setup.

Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

The Dataverse is also the underlying platform for Microsoft Dataverse for Teams - a low-code app, workflow and bot construction and deployment tool specifically for Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

What is Microsoft Dataverse for Teams?

Microsoft Dataverse for Teams is a small-scale application platform, using Microsoft Dataverse, but designed to be used solely within Teams, Microsoft's business communication tool for calls, chat and online meetings.

For Microsoft and Office 365 users already using Microsoft Teams, there is no additional cost to implement the features of Microsoft Dataverse for Teams.

What can be achieved with Dataverse for Teams?

Apps and Bots can be built, directly in Microsoft Teams, using the Dataverse as the underlying data platform. Low-code, responsive apps remove the need to switch between multiple services in order to be productive. 

Intelligent Bots can be deployed, using Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, to support your workforce and boost their productivity. 

What are the limitations of Dataverse for Teams?

Although Microsoft Dataverse for Teams is a good introduction to the capabilities of the Power Platform, it does have some key limitations:

  • Apps created within Dataverse for Teams are only accessible within Microsoft Teams.
  • No direct API access is permitted. Only apps, flows and bots built within Teams are granted access to data.
  • Each Dataverse for Teams environment has a combined storage limit of 2GB for data and file storage, with a portion of this amount reserved for system use.


Microsoft Dataverse for Teams