Effortlessly deploy time-saving chatbots for internal users and external customers

Automated support for customers and users

Online chat is becoming increasingly more common for user engagement, particularly for AI-driven, automated support. Microsoft Power Virtual Agents provides the ability to easily build intelligent helpful chatbots that can reduce the customer service workload and improve self-service assistance for not only your external customers but also internal employees. 

Other components of the Power Platform

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Benefits of Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Simple to build

A no-code interface makes it easy for anyone to learn to build and deploy their own chatbots.

Branching Logic

Vary chatbot responses based on user input, ensuring a natural conversation flow and preventing user frustration.

Save Money

A Virtual Agent handling common queries frees up your service team to be more productive with more important issues.

Increased Satisfaction

A chatbot can provide instant responses to common queries and if further assistance is required, automatically escalate to a customer service agent.

Topic Suggestions

Already have an online FAQ? Power Virtual Agents can scan through the page and create Topic suggestions to add to your chatbot.


Multiple integration options to deploy your chatbots to your website, Facebook, Microsoft Teams or even within your own app.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Pricing

Power Virtual Agents


Per Month - 2000 sessionsCreate and maintain intelligent chatbots without coding knowledge

Sessions Add-On


Per Month - additional 1000 sessionsAdd additional sessions to your Power Virtual Agents plan.

A session is an interaction between a user and bot. The session begins when a user topic is triggered and ends when one of these conditions is met—either: The user's questions are answered; or the conversation exceeds 60 minutes or 100 turns. Learn more.