Boost employee and customer engagement with a Portal, providing easy access to the Common Data Service.

Portals leverage the strength and flexibility of the Power Platform to bring low-code, user-friendly Portals to your internal and external users. The Power Platform also allows for straightforward integration between a portal and Power Automate and Power BI. The flexibility of Portal allows you to integrated with your Dynamics 365 environment or as a standalone solution.

A Portal is a platform for consuming knowledge, accessing tools, and driving customer engagement. It allows you to create a customised space that can be used as a springboard for customised applications and to host content specific to your business and its customers.

Other components of the Power Platform

The Strategy 365 Customer Support Portal

Our own Customer Support Portal is an example of the power of Portals, allowing for the logging and reviewing of support cases and providing the ability to collaborate on projects.

Please contact us to learn more about Power Platform Portals and how they can help your business ensure its customers are engaged and satisfied.

Microsoft Power Apps Portals Pricing

Internal users are licensed via the Power Apps or Dynamics licence model. For your external users, there are two options:

Login capacity add-on

£ 150.80

Per Month
  • For Authenticated external users
  • 100 login sessions*

* Where one login provides an external authenticated user access to a single portal for up to 24 hours. Multiple logins during the 24-hour period count as 1 billable login.

Page view capacity add-on

£ 75.40

Per Month
  • For unauthenticated users
  • 100,000 page views