A human-friendly language to make carrying out common programming tasks simpler

What is Microsoft Power Fx?

Power Fx is a low-code programming language based on the formula language used in Power Apps Canvas Apps. It has an Excel-like structure, designed to make it easy to for non-developers to understand and build their own powerful functionality.

Is Power Fx really for everyone?

As Power Fx has many similarities to long-standing Excel formulas, many of the available functions will be immediately familiar to those working with spreadsheets regularly. Those with some development skills and experience will more readily understand the advanced functions with Power Fx, but a complete novice can be up and running with basic Power Fx in no time.

Is Power Fx just for Canvas Apps?

Although Power Fx is the base language for Canvas Apps, Microsoft have taken its power and simplicity and have begun to apply it to other areas of the Power Platform, including Dataverse for creating more complex column types and Model-Driven Apps, where Power Fx can be used to provide custom toolbar functionality on forms and views.

Microsoft have also made Power Fx open source, and the code can be reviewed on GitHub.

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Benefits of Power Fx


Using a language that will be immediately familiar to Excel users, building Power Fx formulas is quick and easy.


Power Fx can be used from simple tasks such as data validation and controlling element visibility through to more complex tasks such as the automation of record creation.


Power Fx is the backbone of Canvas Apps, but is now also part of Dataverse and Model-Driven Apps, meaning just learning one language.


Formulas automatically only retrieve and work with the data required at the time, so performance is not affected by any bloated code.


Clear Display Names are used for tables and columns, removing the need to understand hard-to-read column names in the underlying databases.


Power Fx formulas can be stored in YAML source files, which are easy for developers to edit if required.