Dynamics 365 App for Windows (Preview)

New Dynamics 365 App for Windows with offline access

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Microsoft have released a new Dynamics 365 app for Windows. The app has a range of new features, including offline data access.

Although the original app, launched back in 2016 is still available, it was somewhat basic; the new version of the app, currently in preview, aims to improve the user experience and add new features and functionality.

What are the main features of the new app?

  • Personalised action hub – helps users to quickly access common tasks, suggestions, and records
  • Offline access with data synchronisation – users can be productive without requiring an internet connection
  • New revamped home page
  • New charts – enables the easy tracking of key performance indicators
  • Personalised views of lists and grids – makes it easier for users to see the data most important to them

New features are also planned that are currently available in the Android and iOS versions:

  • Capturing video, photo, and audio when adding notes
  • GPS geolocation
  • Integrated barcode scanner

How do I control what data is stored offline?

Mobile Offline Profiles can be created to determine exactly what tables and what data within those tables can be retained for offline access. The tables themselves need to be enabled for offline access, although the core tables such as Accounts and Contacts already have this setting enabled. Filters can then be applied to control the subsets of data that is downloaded. These offline profiles can then be applied to your users.

Microsoft have produced a comprehensive step-by-step guide to this process, which is available here.

How do I get the new app?

Simply visit the Microsoft Store on a Windows computer and search for ‘Dynamics 365’.  You will see both apps available:

New Dynamics 365 App for Windows

The new App is called ‘Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Preview)’. Once installed, you just log in with your existing Microsoft credentials and you will be presented with all of the model-driven apps that you are entitled to access.


Offline access is of great importance for Dynamics 365 users that may spent part of their jobs away from their regular network connections, so it’s good to see this functionality in the new Windows app, bringing it inline with mobile apps. If you are an existing Strategy 365 client and wish to discuss the potential roll-out of the app to your users, please get in touch.

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