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New Dynamics 365 Sales Mobile App

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Currently in preview, the new Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app provides an intuitive mobile experience that enables quick access to customer data.

Although it’s already possible to run model-driven and canvas apps on mobile devices, the new Dynamics 365 Sales app provides a more streamlined experience, dedicated to helping your sales team to get the most from their customer and prospect data. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, many sales staff are still active, but with more working from home; the app helps to remove the tie to a laptop to manage important deals and meetings.

What does the app do?

Highlights of the Sales App functionality include:

  • Prepare for customer engagements. View meeting details, attendees, and their responses from Outlook along with the related data for which the appointment is tracked, such as opportunity title, estimated revenue, estimated closed date, pipeline phase, notes, and AI-generated reminders.
  • Record and share information using native device capabilities and simplified forms. Details can be captured in notes using the device’s keyboard or voice-to-text, and can include attachments and images taken with the device’s camera. To streamline data entry, a lightweight, customisable form is used, but if the full record is required, it can be accessed with a single tap.
  • Optimised home screen and relevance search. The home page is displays upcoming meetings and recently viewed records. Additionally, with the powerful relevance search, user can find the info they need, faster and more efficiently.

How do I enable access to this preview?

Before your users can install the sales app on their device, there are two tasks that need to be completed by an administrator:

  1. Within System Settings, an option needs to be enabled. To complete this, from within the desktop Sales App, click the Settings cog icon, then Advanced Settings:
    Advanced Settings
    This will open up a new window with the traditional Settings options. From here, you will need to navigate to Administration:
    Administration Settings
    From this Administration screen, just click System Settings to display this pop-up:
    System Settings
    From the Mobile Client tab, tick the last Yes option and click OK
  2. The second step is to enable Relevance Search. This was covered in one of our previous blog posts and guidance is available here.

Where do I get the Sales App?

The app is available for Android and iOS devices and the method to install it varies accordingly. Microsoft have provided guidance on installing the app:


Although the Power Apps mobile app is an excellent way to run existing model-driven apps, it’s good to see dedicated apps being released to provide streamlined functionality. It is important to bear in mind that this Sales app is in preview at the minute, and functionality may change in due course. For existing Strategy 365 clients who wish to explore the app’s functionality and need assistance in enabling it, please get in touch with one of our experts.

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