New Solution Import Exeperience

New Power Platform Solution Import experience

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When importing a Power Platform solution, post-import steps may need to be carried out; the new experience aims to optimise this process.

What was wrong with the old solution importing experience?

Importing Dynamics 365 solutions was traditionally a very straightforward procedure: import the solution file and publish the changes. With the increased functionality that the Power Platform introduced, solutions have increased in complexity but the import process had remained largely unchanged. This meant that although new Power Platform-related features such as Environment Variables, Flows and Connectors could be imported, they required additional configuration post-import to work correctly.

What additional functionality does the new experience provide?

  • Setting Environment Variable values. Introduced in late 2019, environment variables allowed for configuration data to do be stored as variables that could be included in a solution and transferred between environments. The values for these variables can now be amended during the import, for example to set different values for a live environment than for a development system.
  • Setting connections. Previously, when Apps and Flows were imported into a new environment, each Power App and Flow would need to be reconnected post-import. These connections are now set once during the initial import and when a solution is upgraded, these connections are retained. Connections can also be disambiguated during import (for instance if you have three different SQL connections, these can be identified separately) rather than carrying out this process post-import. Custom connectors are now also supported.
  • Flows are now automatically activated.
  • Connection References are automatically created. A connection reference provides a level of abstraction between solutions and connections. Once a solution import creates these references, these can be maintained separately from the solution. Custom names can be entered for these references to aid clarity.
  • Imports are now asynchronous.

This new functionality is provided via a modern, accessible user interface, providing a more intuitive user experience.

Is there anything I should consider?

  1. Connection References are a new feature and is currently in preview and may see changes as it matures.
  2. Environment variables have now moved out of preview and are now generally available.
  3. Solution import is also generally available; it is an existing product capability with a new interface and additional enhancements.


It is good to see Microsoft further improving the solution management process; it will aid greatly in future project deployments, saving time and reducing the possibility of post-import problems. Additional enhancements to the process are also planned and we look forward to reviewing these in due course. For Microsoft’s press release on the new experience, click here.

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