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Is your Microsoft Office 365 security up to scratch? Cyber security has never been more important, and now shocking figures have revealed four in ten businesses (39%) and a quarter of charities (26%) have reported suffering cyber breaches or attacks over just 12 months.


Cyber attacks have evolved and are becoming more frequent and more targeted.

According to a government survey, around a quarter of businesses that identified breaches or attacks experienced them at least once a week!

Quite simply, just having IT support to keep your systems in a working state, with a simple antivirus, is no longer good enough, which is why even more businesses are choosing to enhance their Microsoft Office 365 security measures. Read on to discover how.

Cyber Attack
average cost of an attack on a small business
average cost of an attack on a medium or larger business

The costs of weak cyber security measures

One in five businesses which have fallen victim to a cyber attack have lost either money or data. One-third of businesses report being negatively impacted regardless because they needed to divert staff time to addressing the security breach, or they faced wider business disruption.

In terms of small business cyber security, the average cost of an attack over a 12-month period has been estimated to be around £8,000, and for medium or larger firms, the average cost was around £13,000! Aside from financial costs, imagine what it would be like waking to find that your business had suffered a huge data breach. If you don’t take steps to show due care by upgrading your Office 365 security, your
business could risk losing customer data, financial information and confidential material – all exposed for suppliers, customers and competitors to openly access.

Apart from the GDPR fallout that would follow such a data breach, there is the irreparable reputational damage. Without even having to pay any fines, we all know that once your reputation has gone, customers can very quickly disappear too.

average number of days a cybercriminal watches your account before attacking

How do cybercriminals use phishing attacks?

A lot of the time, these cybercriminals prey on people, not technical weakness. This means that no matter how good your antivirus system is, it won’t protect you or your staff from links to seemingly legitimate websites or from hackers accessing log in information. According to recent government data, phishing attacks are the most common (affecting 83% of businesses targeted), followed by impersonation (27%).

It may shock you to learn that the average time a cybercriminal sits silently in a victim’s account, watching and waiting for the right opportunity to strike is  197 days!

Yes, 197 days watching everything you are doing, without your knowledge. One of your staff is socially engineered into giving away their username and password for their Office 365 system and it doesn’t matter how many fancy firewalls you have; once someone is entering a legitimate username and
password, no antivirus or firewall is going to stop them.

Office 365 Security best practices

With more customers demanding that their suppliers are secure, enhanced Office 365 security is now a necessity. You can manage your online security in a similar way to how you would protect your office; you just need the right security and alarm systems in place.

Strategy 365 offers proactive monitoring and reporting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 customers, which adheres to the following best practices…

Email Forwarding Alerts

Admin Monitoring

Spoofing Protection

Location Monitoring

The Office 365 Security Report

Enhanced Office 365 Security

Get it covered by the experts

We now understand we need antivirus and firewalls, but just like we need an alarm system on our physical property, we must have an alarm system on our Office 365.

No matter what your large or small business cyber security needs are, these Office 365 security tools allow you to keep in control, so you can sleep easier.

To protect your business as soon as possible, call our Microsoft Partner experts on 01782 916920.

(Cyber crime statistics contained in this article were taken from a government report dated March 2021. Click here to read the report).

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