Strategy 365 can assist you with the implementation of third party solutions and tools to further enhance the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Seamless Integrations

Although Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a market leader with its power and flexibility, your business may have unique requirements that extend beyond even the scope of Dynamics 365. Fortunately, for virtually any scenario, there is a third party solution that can help to meet your needs.

However, with the vast array of software providers in the market, how can you be sure that you’re using the right product? And how will it be implemented? Strategy 365 have wide-ranging experience in solution implementation, streamlining any integration needs you may have.

Below, you can browse a selection of the solutions that we have implemented with our clients.

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Dynamics Telephony

A professional-grade application that integrates with virtually any phone system, featuring phone call list auto dialing, progressive dialing, click-to-dial, inbound call control and screen popping. All features are provided through the application embedded with MS CRM.

MS-CRM Add-Ons TelephoneIntegration

Powerful features including Caller Recognition and ‘Click2Dial’ improve productivity and ensure everything is tracked in Dynamics 365.

Additional features like Power-Dialling and Chat-Integration complete the overall CTI-solution and help you to get the most out of Dynamics 365.


InsideView Insights

Delivers Targeting Intelligence into your Microsoft Dynamics workflow and includes –

  • Real-time data on over 13 million companies and 30 million contacts from around the world
  • Insights from 40,000+ news and social media sources
  • A comprehensive view of your personal and professional connections

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