Strategy 365 can assist you with the implementation of third party solutions and tools to further enhance the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Seamless Integrations

Although Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a market leader with its power and flexibility, your business may have unique requirements that extend beyond even the scope of Dynamics 365. Fortunately, for virtually any scenario, there is a third party solution that can help to meet your needs.

However, with the vast array of software providers in the market, how can you be sure that you’re using the right product? And how will it be implemented? Strategy 365 have wide-ranging experience in solution implementation, streamlining any integration needs you may have.

Below, you can browse a selection of the solutions that we have implemented with our clients.

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Dynamics Telephony

A professional-grade application that integrates with virtually any phone system, featuring phone call list auto dialing, progressive dialing, click-to-dial, inbound call control and screen popping. All features are provided through the application embedded with MS CRM.

Dynamics Telephony Website

MS-CRM Add-Ons TelephoneIntegration

Powerful features including Caller Recognition and ‘Click2Dial’ improve productivity and ensure everything is tracked in Dynamics 365.

Additional features like Power-Dialling and Chat-Integration complete the overall CTI-solution and help you to get the most out of Dynamics 365.

MS-CRM Add-Ons Website


A cloud-enabled Computer Telephony Integration solution that connects Microsoft Dynamics 365 with 60+ phone systems, including Skype for Business. It provides users with a single customer view, giving access to the most relevant Dynamics information from a single window, making them more efficient, and allowing them to provide a better service and handle more calls per hour.

Deep integration with Dynamics 365 makes it easy to create Leads, Opportunities and Cases during a call, as well as taking notes.

intelli-CTI website


PowerObjects PowerMailchimp

An affordable integration between Dynamics 365 and the popular mass emailing tool, MailChimp

  • Use static or dynamic CRM marketing lists to send out bulk emails from within Dynamics 365.
  • Tracks vital bulk email statistics, such as sends, successful deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes back to individual CRM contacts, leads and accounts.

PowerObjects PowerMailchimp Website

InsideView Insights

Delivers Targeting Intelligence into your Microsoft Dynamics workflow and includes –

  • Real-time data on over 13 million companies and 30 million contacts from around the world
  • Insights from 40,000+ news and social media sources
  • A comprehensive view of your personal and professional connections

InsideView Website

Versium Predict

Enhance your existing marketing process with predictive analytics that allow you to precisely target your campaigns.

  • Generate new leads using a predictive model
  • Enhance your lead data using Versium’s data warehouse
  • Score leads based on predicted behaviour

Versium Predict Website

Website Integration

PowerObjects PowerWebForms

Capture information from a website form and instantly pull that data into Dynamics 365.

  • Choose from many different field types, including text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes and dropdowns
  • Customise the look and feel of the web form to blend in with the rest of your website
  • Use CAPTCHA to prevent the submission of spam in your forms.
  • Automatically populate CRM fields when a form is submitted

PowerObjects PowerWebForms Website


MS-CRM Add-Ons AttachmentExtractor

A simple way to reduce your Dynamics 365 storage costs by migrating record attachments to SharePoint.

  • Can also be used for document replication of sensitive documents
  • Full integration means a seamless experience for the end user
  • In addition to attachments, emails and notes and their contents can be replicated for indexing purposes.

MS-CRM Add-Ons AttachmentExtractor Website

Dynamic Objects’ Dynamics SharePoint Organizer

Improves upon the native CRM to SharePoint functionality by providing usability and customisation options

  • Simpler uploading of documents
  • Configurable folder structure
  • Configurable metadata, allowing you to view Dynamics record data against attachments in SharePoint

Dynamics SharePoint Organizer Website


Adobe Sign

Quickly complete contracts and forms and capture a legally-compliant digital signature.

  • Capture signatures on a mobile device, in a browser or in-app
  • High industry-standard security

Adobe Sign Website


Whether approving a purchase, closing a sale, or signing an agreement, it’s easy with DocuSign; reliable and trusted worldwide for electronic signatures.

  • Sign agreements from almost anywhere
  • DocuSign’s infrastructure provides high availability
  • Open and extensible platform to provide vast customisation options

DocuSign Website


Dynamics 365 Workflow Tools

Take your workflows to the next level, with this advanced set of additional functions. Includes –

  • Forcing the re-calculation of a roll-up field
  • Removing a contact from all marketing lists
  • Updating all child records of a parent record

Dynamics 365 Workflow Tools Website


Agent Call Scripting and Web Self-Service for Dynamics 365

  • Build scripts without coding
  • Improve CRM adoption
  • Improve Customer Service performance

TKDialogs Website

MyGEOMap (eMap) by MyCRM

A subscription-based service that fully integrates Bing Maps with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • Geocode any CRM entity
  • Filter records by their geographic location (e.g. within 50 miles of London)
  • Create maps that can be placed on to dashboards and forms

MyCRM Website

Business Process Activities by North52

A suite of components to assist with the building of business processes into Dynamics 365 without the need for costly development expertise.

  • Formula Manager – adds 300+ Excel-like functions
  • Process Genie – Use formulas in Dynamics workflows
  • Scheduler – A scheduling engine for Dynamics workflows
  • SmartFlow – Powerful conditional logic and calculations
  • xCache – Improves performance by caching static data
  • WebFusion – Connects CRM to REST-based web services
  • Decision Tables – build complex rules and associated actions

North52 Website

Data Management

Paribus Discovery

A data deduplication tool that identifies duplicate records across Accounts, Leads and Contacts, and merges them within Dynamics 365. It is able to find duplicates based on –

  • phonetic matching (Brian and Bryan)
  • synonyms or abbreviations (Bob and Robert)
  • word segmentation (QGate and Q-Gate)
  • sequencing variations (Oxford University and University of Oxford)

Paribus Discovery Website

Paribus Interactive

An enhanced Search and Lookup solution, embedded into Dynamics 365, that makes it easier for users to find information and populate relevant forms in one click.

Smart search technology, powered by the Paribus Fuzzy Matching Engine, makes it quick and easy to find the right record, first time.

Paribus Interactive Website

Creditsafe API

Create and update your company records at the touch of a button, minimising the need for manual data entry, saving time and money. Creditsafe’s real-time data integration matches your customer records to their database to confirm, amend and enhance the company data you hold.

Creditsafe API Integration Website

Data Migration

Synchronicity Echo

Effortless migration from on-premise Dynamics to Dynamics 365

  • Proven, reliable technology
  • Fixed price
  • Minimal downtime

Synchronicity Echo Website

Cobalt Migration Dynamics

Migrate your on-premises CRM data to CRM Online without any interruption to your business.

  • Purpose-built for migrating whole CRM systems
  • Intelligent database schema mapping
  • Zero downtime. Continue to work as your data is migrated

Cobalt Migration Dynamics Website

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Experlogix CPQ

Provides comprehensive, flexible CPQ solutions to all types of businesses running Microsoft Dynamics

  • Supports Cloud or On-Premise Dynamics 365/CRM
  • Only one CPQ system required for both CRM and ERP
  • Mirrors the look and feel of Dynamics
  • Powerful integration

Experlogix Website


Works seamlessly with the Dynamics 365 Quote screen.

  • Deploy complex rules and calculations
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use configuration
  • Workflows and Approvals can be applied to quotes
  • Generate Word and PDF quote documents

BlueprintCPQ Website

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