No business likes to say ‘no’ to their customers. If your company provides services to other companies, and you are being asked about potential CRM systems, we can help to bridge the gap.

Sell Dynamics 365 (CRM) to your customers

B2B IT service providers often aspire to be a ‘one stop shop’ for their clients; it helps to drive loyalty and new revenue opportunities. However, it is not always viable to become experts in all products. This is where a partnership with Strategy 365 can help.

For example, if you already provide Office 365, or other IT services to your clients, and they are looking to expand their solution to encompass Dynamics 365, we can ensure that everything integrates neatly, ensuring customer satisfaction without the need for trained in-house sales and technical staff. With Microsoft’s recently updated CSP Partner requirements, it is now more difficult to become eligible to sell Dynamics 365 licenses. As Strategy 365 already meet these requirements, you can be sure of our partnership credentials.

And of course, the partnership works in both directions. Should our clients require services beyond the scope of Dynamics 365 and its associated technologies, we can ensure that these enquiries are directed to you. In either scenario, we would agree a mutually beneficial commercial model to help generate additional revenue for both parties.

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