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Performance issues in Dynamics 365 when using Google Chrome

John PhillipsService Updates

Following a recent update to Google Chrome, some users have been experiencing performance issues when using Dynamics 365.

What are the effects of this bug?

Users affected by this issue may experience general performance issues and pages failing to load when accessing Dynamics 365 with Google Chrome and may be presented with a persistent ‘Loading Business Logic’ message.

When will the bug be fixed?

Microsoft have already implemented a hotfix for the issue that will be automatically rolled out to customers in the next few days.

What can I do in the meantime?

While waiting for your Dynamics 365 organisation to receive the fix, we would recommend using an alternative web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. If the problem happens only intermittently, then a forced refresh of the page, by holding CTRL and pressing F5 may help the page to load correctly.