Power Apps for Windows now generally available

Power Apps for Windows now generally available

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First announced in April, Power Apps for Windows allows users to run Model-Driven and Canvas Apps from Windows computers, including features such as offline access.

Although it has been possible to run Power Apps on a Windows computer for some time, the functionality has always been behind that of the Android and iOS equivalents. Offline access was not available and device-specific functionality such as taking photographs or recording audio, was not possible. Microsoft sought to rectify this in April 2022 with the preview release of a new Power Apps for Windows and, following testing and refinements, this app has now reached general availability.

What new features does Power Apps for Windows have?

As well as being a flexible platform to run both Canvas Apps and Model-Driven Apps, the new release includes the following features:

  • Offline access. Both types of app can now now be used without an internet connection. For Canvas Apps, this is achieved via the SaveData/LoadData functions, and for Model-Driven Apps by defining which tables are available for offline access.
  • Device-specific functionality. Mobile users are already accustomed to being able to use the cameras and microphone on their phones and tablets to improve the data capture experience. Now Windows users can too, including the ability to scan barcodes and upload file attachments.
  • Intune management. As Power Apps for Windows is a Universal Windows App, its deployment and update can be controlled by IT departments, ensuring that the right people have the app and that they are using the right version.
  • Guest access. Share your app with the third parties that our organisation collaborates with – find out more here.
  • AI Builder. Use pre-defined AI models to automate and predict outcomes within your app, saving your users time.

How do I get Power Apps for Windows?

The app is available from the Windows Store. Although the app is very simple to install, Microsoft have provided documentation for those who may require assistance.


It’s great to see that Windows users are now on par with mobile users for Power Apps functionality and we look forward to the upcoming features of the app, including Push Notifications. If you are an existing Strategy 365 client and want to discuss rolling out Power Apps for Windows to your users, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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