Train software bots to perform repetitive, manual tasks.

Automate more of your business processes

Although Power Automate's 400+ connectors already enable a vast range of business processes to be automated, some organisations may already be using legacy systems without dedicated connectors or API access. Data moving in and out of these systems traditionally would have had to be entered or copied manually, but with Robotic Process Automation, users can now train intelligent bots to replicate these actions, freeing your employees up for more worthwhile tasks.

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Benefits of Robotic Process Automation


With over 400 connectors to popular services such as SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and Outlook, you can be sure that all of your integration needs are covered.

Attended or Unattended 

Need to be kept in the loop of your automated processes? Or happy to let your trained bot process each record without user input? The choice is yours.

Easy to use

Step-by-step guidance and an intuitive, no-code interface means that anyone can quickly train their own RPA bots.

Save time

By freeing up your employees' time from repetitive, manual tasks, they will have more time for the more fulfilling and skilled duties.

Improved accuracy

By using a trained bot to enter data, not only is the process quicker, but the removal of the possibility of human error improves data integrity.

On-Premises Support

Need to integrate your cloud systems with your on-site servers? Not a problem with Power Automate RPA.

Over 400 available connectors

Microsoft Power Automate has an ever-growing library of connectors, enabling straightforward integration between many popular business systems. Below are a number of the most popular connectors - click a connector to view its range of supported actions.

For a full list of the available connectors, click here.

Microsoft Power Automate RPA Pricing

Premium Plan


Per User, Per Month

Allows a user to run unlimited flows (within service limits) utilising the full capabilities of Microsoft Power Automate, including attended Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in attended mode.

  • Unlimited flows per user
  • Cloud Flows
  • Desktop Flows (Attended)
  • Task Mining
  • 5000 AI Builder service credits
  • Use custom and on-premises connectors
  • Create and access custom entities
  • 250MB database capacity
  • 2GB file capacity

Per Process Plan


Includes digital process automation (cloud flows) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in unattended mode. Licensed on a per-flow basis.

  • Use custom and on-premises connectors
  • Cloud Flows
  • Desktop Flows (Unattended only)
  • Create and access custom entities
  • 50MB database capacity
  • 200MB file capacity