Our Quick Start 365 is a five-day package designed for small businesses to enable them to make a rapid start using Dynamics 365 with some of its key features, but with some simple customisation.

Dynamics 365 (CRM) for small businesses

Without the in-house IT resources and bigger budgets of larger companies, implementing a CRM system can be daunting for a small business. Our Quick Start 365 package, starting from £3,500, is a simple and affordable service to get your business up and running with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It includes:

  • Setup of a new Office 365 tenant (if required)
  • Setup and configuration of Dynamics 365
  • Basic customisation of Contact, Account, Lead and Opportunity entities
  • Configuration of email within Dynamics 365
  • Basic configuration of Business Process Flow and Workflow
  • Basic data import of Contacts and Accounts

Find out how our Quick Start 365 can help your small business

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