The power of Dynamics 365 - in the palm of your hand

Although Microsoft’s own apps and Power Apps options provide mobile functionality, Resco Mobile CRM offers a powerful, yet simple, app builder that enables you to roll out bespoke apps to your remote workers with minimal effort.

Complete customisation

With Resco Mobile CRM, you can very efficiently build an app from the ground up, including only the views, fields, forms and functionality that you need your staff to have. No more convoluted interfaces and unnecessary distractions – the app just does what you build into it.

No internet connection? No problem

Resco Mobile has powerful offline capabilities – your users can continue to work with their data; completing forms, creating and amending records etc. Then, when they next have an available internet connection, they simply synchronise their device with CRM and all their changes are processed.

Please contact us to learn more about Resco Mobile CRM and how Strategy 365 can assist you with its deployment.