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Scribe Multi-Threaded Processing Improvements

John PhillipsProduct Updates

Scribe Insight has always been a powerful tool for data migration and integration, but with version 7.9, the product took another step forward by introducing multi-threading for all four processing types.

Prior to version 7.9, the only way to process integration jobs simultaneously was via the use of Microsoft Message Queues, meaning that the other integration types – File, Query and Time based – could only be run sequentially. This understandably led to occasional bottlenecks and meant that careful scheduling was required.

However, with the 7.9 release, Scribe added multi-threading support for File, Query and Time based jobs, by allowing multiple message processor groups to be created, and for the integration processes to be assigned to them. This essentially meant that multiple File, Query and Time based jobs could be run simultaneously.

Although the release of version 7.9 took place in June 2015, this feature has been overlooked somewhat, with not all businesses yet taking advantage of the new feature or the other enhancements that have been brought in since. If your business hasn’t yet upgraded to 7.9, or the latest version, 7.9.2, Strategy 365 can help. As new releases of Dynamics 365 and Scribe Insight are released, it is important to stay current, to ensure that connectivity and data integration issues are avoided. For further advice, simply get in touch with one of our experts.