Whatever stage your business is at, we have technology solutions that can help

Solving your business problems

At Strategy 365, experience has taught us that helping organisations to overcome their challenges is much more than recommending a product; it's developing a whole solution that fits in with existing business strategy and systems. What we offer are not vertical solutions constructed to a narrow scope - they are bespoke combinations of products and services geared to your unique requirements. All of our solutions are implemented by Microsoft-certified employees using our own proven methodologies; all underpinned by our set of core values.

A solution for every budget

Should your requirements be simple, our Dynamics 365 and Power Apps Quick Start Packages may be your best option to get up and running with minimal groundwork. However, if your needs are more complex, our team of Microsoft-certified experts can work with you to fully manage a full-scale implementation of Microsoft and third party products that ensure you get the most from your overall solution, whether you are aiming to increase sales and profits, improving customer retention or solve a combination of problems at once.

Our solutions are geared towards your needs, not ours, and our pricing throughout is transparent and competitive. 

Should your business be facing unique challenges that are not catered for by the solutions listed below, feel free to get in touch and we can discuss what options are available to you.

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If you would like to discuss our solutions or have a unique challenge of your own you need to overcome, get in touch with one of our experts. 

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Our Core Solutions

Increase Sales and Profit

Generate new leads, close opportunities quicker and stay in control of the whole sales process. Enable your business to increase profits and achieve business growth.

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Increase Customer Retention

Ensure customer satisfaction with efficient issue resolution and turning complaints into opportunities. Increase customer retention while reducing your customer churn.

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Quick Start Packages

Implement small-scale Dynamics 365 and Power Apps solutions quickly and affordably. Perfect for SMEs, or larger corporates looking for proof of concepts.

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Automate & Streamline Processes

Remove laborious manual tasks and introduce consistent, automated business processes. Replace spreadsheets and other outdated systems with a focus on boosting productivity.

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Integrate Business Systems

Effortlessly pass data from system to system with powerful integration solutions using over 300 pre-built connectors.

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Bespoke Business Applications

Deploy custom apps to meet your exact business requirements at a much lower cost compared to traditional methods.

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Data Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

Get valuable insights into your data with enterprise-grade tools and visualisations that connect to all of your data sources.

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Office Productivity, Communication and Collaboration

Drive business growth with a comprehensive suite of tools, boosting productivity, and facilitating remote working & business continuity plans.

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