Microsoft Partner Pledge

Strategy 365 signs the Microsoft Partner Pledge

John PhillipsCompany Updates

Demonstrating a commitment to empower every person and organisation to achieve more, Strategy 365 have signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge.

Microsoft has been part of the UK for nearly 40 years and has taken pride in helping the UK prepare for the challenges of the future. While they remain optimistic about the role of technology such as AI, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Mixed Reality, and the benefits it represents for our partner, shared customers and society in general, they are equally mindful of the consequences of large-scale change associated with industrial revolutions like the one we are seeing now.

Consequently, they believe that the nations which will thrive will not just be the ones that adopt such technologies in a deep and ethical way but those in which everyone possesses the right skills and opportunity to make the most of what’s ahead.

This is why Microsoft are encouraging their partners to sign the Partner Pledge, focusing on these five goals:

  • Digital Skills – Helping the UK prepare for the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through Microsoft’s Digital Skills programme.
  • Apprenticeships – Joining efforts to create more apprenticeships in the UK.
  • Diversity – Improving diversity within the UK technology workforce through the Tech Talent Charter.
  • Responsible and Ethical AI – Ensuring Artificial Intelligence is developed and implemented in responsible and ethical ways, as set out in AI for good and Future Computed.
  • Sustainability – A commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon footprints.

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