Unified Interface transition to start on December 4th

John PhillipsProduct Updates

From December 4th, 2020, Microsoft will be removing support for the Legacy Web Client for accessing Model-Driven Dynamics 365 Apps.

Introduced at the end of 2017, the Unified Interface has become the standard method of interacting with Model-Driven Dynamics 365 Apps. Since its release, its modern framework has enabled it to go from strength to strength, with regular enhancements that make it quick and intuitive to use, regardless of the user’s device or screen resolution. We speculated back in March 2019 that the days of the traditional Legacy Web Client would be numbered and Microsoft announced that it would be deprecated in October 2020. December 4th is the day where the Unified Interface will become the only option available for model-driven apps.

What if my users are still using the old, Legacy Interface?

Microsoft announced the deprecation of the Legacy Interface in 2019 in order to give organisations enough time to plan the transition to the Unified Interface ahead of the October 2020 deprecation date. We detailed the transition options for organisations back in December 2019. This time was to enable administrators to fully test Forms, Views and other functionality all worked as expected in the new Unified Interface Apps. Should anything not work correctly, then fixes and alternative solutions could be sought and implemented. For those organisations that have not done this, they may have to rely on the default first-party Apps such as the Sales Hub and Customer Service Hub apps; however, custom entities will not be included in these apps, so these will either need to be customised or a new custom Model-Driven App will need to be created.

As detailed in Microsoft’s reminder blog post, it will not be possible to switch back to the Legacy Interface at all after December 4th, 2020, so it’s important that if your business has not already fully tested and switched to using the new interface, your users may be in for a shock next week. For clients of Strategy 365, you should already be prepared and transitioned to the new interface, but should you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

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