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New Dynamics 365 features – Upgrade Runs and Solutions History

John PhillipsProduct Updates

Two new features have appeared in the latest minor version upgrade of Dynamics 365 – Upgrade Runs and Solutions History. But what are they for and how can they help you?

If you are an administrator within your Dynamics 365 environment, you may have seen the two additional links appearing within the Settings menu of Dynamics 365 –

Solution History

Solutions History

The Solutions History entity contains useful information on recent installations and upgrades of Dynamics solutions, both managed and unmanaged. As well as recording whether or not the installation was successful, it also tracks the length of time taken, whether the solution was a patch upgrade, whether customisations were set to be overwritten and any exception errors.; information that could be very useful when troubleshooting the installation and upgrading of Dynamics 365 solutions.

Upgrade Runs

Upgrade Runs

Upgrade Runs track the progress of Dynamics 365 Application upgrades. For instance, when upgrading the Project Service solution to the latest version, an Upgrade Run record will be created, with one or more Upgrade Step records. This will allow you to monitor the progress of an upgrade, including any errors and the version numbers you are moving from and to.