What makes a great consultant

What makes a great consultant?

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Every organisation will seek external advice from a consultant on subjects they lack expertise in but the process of finding the right consultant can be a daunting task, whether that is management, finance, or IT consulting.

Considering the type, skills, and reputation of the consultant you are hiring is important but there is more to a great consultant than these simple factors which we will outline below.

Great consultant

Not afraid to ask good questions

Always asking ‘why’ to get to the bottom of things is what a great consultant should do. Asking questions helps ensure a consultant will understand the exact requirements and issues their client is facing and it also helps them gain a greater understanding of your business. A ‘good question’ may be something we fear asking but a great consultant will know how to ask these questions in a respectful and direct manner to get the answers they need.

Attentive Approach

Even though it may sound simple, being able to listen well is a skill a consultant must have as they will take in a huge amount of new information when initial conversations take place. We believe having an attentive and detail-orientated approach is a great starting point for any consultant.

Willing to challenge stakeholders

Managing C level (CEOs and senior executives) stakeholders can be difficult; however, it is very important for the success of any project. Although developing strong relationships is key, we believe not being afraid to challenge C level stakeholders is as important and it is something we often do in our practices.

Not ‘yes men’

A consultant should not be ‘yes men’ or in other words, a people pleaser. Many clients will have their demands, but a consultant should know when to say no. A great consultant will have enough self-confidence and conviction that their methodology and approach, which may clash with the client, will produce greater results.

Build relationships and trust

A consultant should be aiming to build trust and a relationship with their client to develop a good long-term working partnership. In our practices, to help achieve this, we are open, sociable, and showcase our reliability through the work we provide and our dealings with each client. Once a relationship is formed, it is easier to collaborate.

Won’t just do – they will teach

A good consultant will perform their role and complete their tasks to a high standard, but a great consultant should also be able to fill a skill or knowledge gap. Consultants are partly hired because there is a lack of expertise within the business and although it is not possible to teach staff everything, educating your clients is important. Our practices often involve sharing knowledge and techniques with clients as that is also part of our service. A consultant who is willing to teach is someone considering the client’s longer-term interests.


Consultancy work is a large part of offerings as communication and collaboration are an integral part of our core values. During conversations with prospects and clients about Microsoft’s wide range of solutions, we are regularly consulting them on the best course of action to take. We have built a great reputation and great relationships with our clients through abiding by these key characteristics that we believe a great consultant should possess.

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