There is an overwhelming array of options when selecting a CRM system; we highlight the reasons to choose Dynamics 365

Office 365 integration

Over sixty million business users around the world already use Office 365, so it makes sense to have a tight link between Office 365 and Dynamics 365. In addition to the single sign-on process that the integration provides, there are strong links between Dynamics 365 and Outlook, enabling easy tracking of contacts, emails and activities.

Integrate with your existing systems

A CRM system shouldn’t have to function in isolation of your other business platforms. With the power of Scribe, straightforward two-way data updates to and from Dynamics 365 can be created, harnessing the power of your existing systems and boosting the effectiveness of your CRM system.


With every Dynamics 365 license, you’re entitled to use the free Dynamics 365 tablet and mobile apps, giving you easy access to your data, wherever you are. Apps are available for Windows, iOS and Android devices, ensuring a wide range of device compatibility.

Powerful reporting

Gain valuable insights into your business data with Dynamics 365’s built-in reporting system, making it easy to build custom reports without technical knowledge. For further depth and dashboards, Microsoft’s Power BI is on hand to deliver.

Customisation and automation

Some CRM systems require you to modify your own business processes to fit around the software’s own, but not so with Dynamics 365. Powerful workflows and customisation options ensure that Dynamics 365 works how your business needs it to, and that processes are streamlined, not complicated.

Data security

With Microsoft’s vast resources supporting Dynamics 365, you can be sure your data will always be accessible when you need it. without the worry of data backups and privacy issues. Dynamics 365 conforms to strict EU privacy laws, giving your business extra peace of mind when handling sensitive data.