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Updating closed cases in Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Previously, it was impossible to update a closed case without first reactivating the record. With the 2021 Wave 1 release, this can now be achieved.

Why would I want to update a closed case?

There are two main reasons to want to update closed case records:

  1. to correct data issues on the records.
  2. to enhance the data. For instance, if you create a new field that is available for newly-created cases, you may want to update the historic cases to ensure that any reporting is consistent.

Why not just reopen the case record?

Although this may seem the simplest approach, particularly if there are only a few records that need amending, there are side effects to consider:

  1. if you have any automation that is triggered on the reopening or the closure of a case, for instance, a notification to the customer that their case has been resolved, this automation will retrigger.
  2. the original resolved date of a case would be changed, potentially affecting reporting accuracy.

What has changed since the 2021 Wave 1 release?

Microsoft have now provided the ability to update closed cases via the Dynamics 365 API or via Power Automate. This means that the cases that need to be updated can remain in their closed state while the erroneous data is updated. They have also added the ability to customise which cases can be updated – resolved, cancelled or no cases at all.

How do I change this setting?

From within Dynamics 365, you need to access the Customer Service Hub App:

Customer Service Hub

and in the lower-left, switch to Service Management:

Service Management

Within the Service Management area, at the foot of the Service Configuration Settings page, you will see the Case update after resolution settings:

Case Update After Resolution

The default option is for resolved and cancelled cases, so if you are happy with this settings, there is nothing to do – you’re ready to update your closed cases. However, if you would prefer to restrict this feature, these are all of the available options:

Resolved & Cancelled Cases

If you wish to make a change, simply choose an alternative option and click Save.

If you are an existing Strategy 365 client and would like to discuss changing this setting for your organisation or want to know more about updating your closed case records, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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