Build professional websites without the need for a developer

Power Pages - for Portals and more

Power Pages is a secure, low-code platform for building and hosting external-facing business websites. With a simple in-browser site builder, users can rapidly design websites that work across all devices. And for web developers, Power Pages also supports more advanced tools such as Visual Studio Code, GitHub, and Azure DevOps.

External access to Dataverse data

Whether it's allowing your users to log in to make absence requests or taking sales enquiries from the general public, Power Pages allows you to surface your Dataverse data and forms online, with just a few clicks. Secure forms can be created to quickly capture data and populate your internal Dynamics systems.

Out of the box templates are provided to cater for scenarios such as booking an appointment or applying for a permit, or you can start from generic/blank templates to build your designs from the ground up.

Other components of the Power Platform


The Strategy 365 Customer Support Portal

Our own Customer Support Portal Portals app is built on the Power Pages platform, allowing for the logging and reviewing of support cases and providing the ability to collaborate on projects.

Please contact us to learn more about Power Pages and how it can help your business ensure its customers are engaged and satisfied.

Microsoft Power Pages Pricing (UK)

Internal users are licensed via the Power Apps or Dynamics 365 licence model. For your external users, there are two options:

Authenticated Users


100 users per site, per month
  • Access to authentication providers
  • Built-in content delivery network (CDN) support
  • Includes dataverse storage

Authenticated user capacity provides access to one Power Pages website for a calendar month. Users needing access to multiple Power Pages sites will require additional authenticated user capacity.

Anonymous Users


500 users per site, per month
  • For unauthenticated users
  • Built-in content delivery network (CDN) support
  • Includes dataverse storage

Microsoft Power Pages Volume Pricing

For organisations requiring greater access each month, a range of tiered pricing is available.

TierAuthenticated UsersAnonymous Users
Tier 1One pack of 100 users = £164.40 (100 user minimum)One pack of 500 users = £61.60 (500 user minimum)
Tier 2For 10,000 or more users, each pack of 100 users = £61.60For 10,000 or more users, each pack of 500 users = £30.80
Tier 3For 100,000 or more users, each pack of 100 users = £41.10For 100,000 or more users, each pack of 500 users = £20.50