Find out if your business could cut your Dynamics 365 costs

The original approach: Dynamics 365 Apps

Traditionally, when signing up to Dynamics 365, you would choose the one or more Apps that best suited your business requirements: Sales, Customer Service, Field Service etc. You would then build additional functionality on top of this base App to meet your business needs. However, some companies may never use the base App functionality, despite paying for it.

The new approach: Power Apps

For companies with more straightforward requirements, there may be potential savings to be made by moving away from the Microsoft Apps and having a simpler custom app built that allows you to carry on performing your day-to-day business functions and saving money in the process. You can even mix and match: if you have users that require the extra functionality of Microsoft’s own apps, they can carry on with their existing licence, while you migrate other users on to your custom app.

How do I switch to a Power App?

An assessment would be carried out of your current Dynamics 365 system and users to see where savings could be made. Once identified, we would then work with you to build an app (or apps) that meets your needs that would then also qualify you for the lower pricing tiers, from £7.50 per user per month for one app, to £30.20 per user per month for unlimited apps.

How can I book my free assessment?

To book your free assessment, complete the simple form and one of our experts will be in touch. All that we ask is that you give us the opportunity to provide the licensing for the proposed solution.

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