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Power Apps licence prices halve from October 1st, 2021

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In a welcome move, Microsoft have announced that the Per User and Per App plans for Power Apps will halve in price from October 1st.

What is the current pricing?

Today, the pricing for each plan is as follows:

  • Power Apps Per App Plan – £7.50 per user, per month, providing access to two apps and one portal app.
  • Power Apps Per User Plan – £30.20 per user, per month, providing access to unlimited model-driven and canvas apps

What is the new pricing?

From October 1st, 2021, the new pricing model will be:

  • Power Apps Per App Plan – £3.80 per user, per month, providing access to a single app (canvas or model-driven) or one portal
  • Power Apps Per User Plan – £15.10 per user per month

Why has the entitlement of the new Per App plan changed?

Although titled a Per App plan, a user having access to up to two apps and a portal was proving confusing for customers. Simplifying this to one licence per app or portal therefore makes sense. For users accessing just one canvas app, one model-driven app, or one portal, they will be able to switch to this new SKU and halve their licence cost. For those users accessing two apps, they would just need to take up two of the new plans, but with the same overall cost.

For those who use the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, this also counts as an app in terms of licensing, so an additional Per App plan licence may need to be purchased to cater for this.

How do I switch to the new pricing model?

After October 1st, any renewals will take place at the revised prices.

Are there any other pricing announcements?

There were two other related Power Apps announcements:

  1. The Promotional Offer from December 1st, 2020 for larger volumes of licence purchases, which was due to expire on June 30th, 2021 has been extended to September 30th, 2021.
  2. For Power Apps portals customers purchasing login capacity in volume, two limited time offers are available offers for customers whose needs go beyond the existing three pricing tiers:
    – Tier 4 (25,000+ logins/month)
    – Tier 5 (100,000+ logins/month)
    With these limited time offers, Power Apps portals login capacity is available for a price as low as $12 per unit/month for tier 5 capacity.


These pricing changes reflect Microsoft’s eagerness to boost Power Apps adoption rates and make it even more affordable for organisations of any size to take advantage of the Power Platform. If you are an existing Strategy 365 client and want to discuss how these changes will affect you, please get in touch with one of experts who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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